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Updated JUly 1 2023

Policy Topic Last Revision
Adverse Weather Policy Leave 2/4/2021
Bonus Leave Administration Leave 9/1/2015
Civil Leave and Job Related Proceedings Leave 9/7/2017
Community Service Leave Leave 12/15/2019
Community Service Leave - Literacy, Tutoring, and Mentoring Leave 9/7/2017
Compensatory Leave Leave 9/7/2017
Educational Leave Leave 10/6/2016
Emergency Closing Leave 2/4/2021
Family and Medical Leave Leave 9/7/2017
Family and Medical Leave - Military Caregiver Leave 3/8/2013
Family and Medical Leave - Qualifying Exigency Leave 3/8/2013
Family Illness Leave Leave 9/7/2017
General Leave Policies - Leave Offsetting Leave 1/1/2011
Holidays Policy Leave 4/1/2021
Incentive Leave Leave 1/1/2011
Leave Without Pay Leave 8/7/2023
Military Leave Leave 9/7/2017
Other Management Approved Leave Leave 9/7/2017
Paid Parental Leave Policy Leave 8/7/2023
Personal Observance Leave Leave 6/6/2022
Sick Leave Leave 9/7/2017
Special Annual Leave Bonus Leave 10/4/2019
Special Leave Memo Leave 7/30/2013
Transfer Leave Leave 9/7/2017
Vacation Leave Leave 9/7/2017
Voluntary Shared Leave Leave 9/7/2017