Class Specifications - M

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On March 13, 2023, Governor Roy Cooper signed Executive Order 278, Recognizing the Value of Experience in State Government. Currently, most state job classifications allow experience to be substituted for education or do not require a higher education degree.  OSHR is currently working with state agencies to evaluate the minimum education and experience requirements in all state job classifications.  As a part of this process, it may be necessary to update some classification specifications. To learn more about the Order, visit EO 278 FAQs.

Job Classification Job Code Salary Grade
Machinist 32000802 NC09
Machinist Supervisor 32000803 NC13
Maintenance/Construction Coordinator 32000804 NC01
Maintenance/Construction Manager I 32000805 NC20
Maintenance/Construction Manager II 32000806 NC21
Maintenance/Construction Proj Mngr I 32000807 NC18
Maintenance/Construction Proj Mngr II 32000808 NC20
Maintenance/Construction Supervisor I 32000809 NC13
Maintenance/Construction Supervisor II 32000810 NC14
Maintenance/Construction Supervisor III 32000811 NC15
Maintenance/Construction Supervisor IV 32000812 NC17
Maintenance/Construction Technician I 32000813 NC03
Maintenance/Construction Technician II 32000814 NC06
Maintenance/Construction Technician III 32000815 NC09
Maintenance/Construction Technician IV 32000816 NC11
Management Engineer I 32000288 NC17
Management Engineer II 32000289 NC18
Management Services Administrator 32000290 NC15
Manager of Inmate Class & Tech Support 32001121 NC14
Marine Dockmaster 32000817 NC11
Marine Electrician 32000818 NC11
Marine Field Maintenance Superintendent 32000819 NC14
Marine Fisheries Deputy Director for Ops 32000096 NC19
Marine Fisheries District Manager 32000097 NC19
Marine Fisheries Exec Asst For Councils 32000098 NC16
Marine Fisheries LE Director 32000519 SW11
Marine Fisheries LE Manager I 32000520 SW09
Marine Fisheries LE Manager II 32000521 SW10
Marine Fisheries LE Officer I 32000522 SW04
Marine Fisheries LE Officer II 32000523 SW05
Marine Fisheries LE Officer III 32000524 SW06
Marine Fisheries LE Supervisor 32000525 SW08
Marine Fisheries Technician 32000099 NC05
Marine Hull Supervisor 32000820 NC15
Marine Machinist 32000821 NC09
Marine Maintenance Deckhand 32000822 NC03
Marine Maintenance Dredge Operator 32000823 NC04
Marine Maintenance Engineer 32000824 NC08
Marine Maintenance Master 32000825 NC11
Marine Mechanic 32000826 NC08
Marine Mechanic Supervisor I 32000827 NC09
Marine Mechanic Supervisor II 32000828 NC10
Marine Painter 32000829 NC07
Marine Painter Supervisor 32000830 NC09
Marine Pipefitter 32000831 NC08
Marine Planning & Scheduling Supervisor 32000832 NC11
Marine Quality Assurance Specialist 32000833 NC14
Marine Sandblaster-Chipper 32000834 NC07
Marine Shipyard Superintendent 32000835 NC16
Marine Welder 32000836 NC09
Market News Reporter 32000432 NC12
Market News Supervisor 32000429 NC14
Marketing Coordinator 32000430 NC11
Marketing Director 32000431 NC25
Marketing Program Administrator 32000433 NC21
Marketing Specialist I 32000434 NC13
Marketing Specialist II 32000435 NC15
Marketing Specialist III 32000436 NC17
Marketing Supervisor 32000437 NC19
Meat & Poultry Insp Area Supv 32000988 NC11
Meat & Poultry Insp Director 32000990 NC20
Meat & Poultry Insp I 32000991 NC09
Meat & Poultry Insp II 32000992 NC10
Medical Consultant 32001308 MH24
Medical Consultant Director 32001309 MH25
Medical Director I 32001312 MH27
Medical Director II 32001313 MH28
Medical Director III 32001314 MH28
Medical Examiner Facilities Manager 32000609 MH15
Medical Examiner Specialist 32000526 MH13
Medical Fee Examiner 32000610 MH09
Medical Laboratory Assistant 32000611 MH01
Medical Laboratory Supervisor I 32000612 MH18
Medical Laboratory Supervisor II 32000613 MH19
Medical Laboratory Supervisor III 32000614 MH20
Medical Laboratory Technician 32000615 MH06
Medical Laboratory Technologist I 32000616 MH14
Medical Laboratory Technologist II 32000617 MH16
Medical Records Manager I 32000618 MH09
Medical Records Manager II 32000619 MH10
Meteorologist 32000100 NC18
Metrologist I 32000993 NC12
Metrologist II 32000994 NC15
Metrology Laboratory Manager 32000995 NC18
Microbiologist I 32000101 NC14
Microbiologist II 32000102 NC18
Microbiologist Manager 32000103 NC22
Microbiologist Supervisor 32000104 NC20
Microbiology Laboratory Supervisor 32000621 MH17
Microbiology Laboratory Technician I 32000622 MH06
Military Administrative Officer 32000527 NC13
Military Executive Officer 32000528 NC14
Military Security Guard 32000530 NC03
Military Security Supervisor 32000531 NC07
Mine Safety & Health Director 32000996 NC16
Mine Safety & Health Representative 32000997 NC11
Missing Persons Specialist 32000532 NC11
Multimedia Technician I 32000438 NC03
Multimedia Technician II 32000439 NC04
Museum Curator I 32000712 NC06
Museum Curator II 32000713 NC07
Museum Curator Supervisor 32000714 NC09
Museum Technician I 32000715 NC03
Museum Technician II 32000716 NC04
Museum Technician III 32000717 NC05