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On March 13, 2023, Governor Roy Cooper signed Executive Order 278, Recognizing the Value of Experience in State Government. Currently, most state job classifications allow experience to be substituted for education or do not require a higher education degree.  OSHR is currently working with state agencies to evaluate the minimum education and experience requirements in all state job classifications.  As a part of this process, it may be necessary to update some classification specifications. To learn more about the Order, visit EO 278 FAQs.

Job Classification Job Code Salary Grade
Quality Assurance and Appeals Manager 32001250 NC16
Quality Assurance Standards Manager 32000384 NC21
Quality Assurance Standards Specialist 32000385 NC17
Quality Assurance Standards Supervisor 32000386 NC19
Radiologic Technologist 32000668 MH10
Radiologic Technology Supervisor 32000669 MH15
Railroad Safety Inspector 32001007 NC15
Railroad Safety Supervisor 32001008 NC17
Real Property Agent I 32000299 NC15
Real Property Agent II 32000300 NC16
Real Property Aide 32000301 NC07
Real Property Appraisal Manager 32000302 NC22
Real Property Appraiser I 32000303 NC15
Real Property Appraiser II 32000304 NC16
Real Property Appraiser Supervisor 32000305 NC20
Real Property Area Agent 32000306 NC18
Real Property Consultant 32000307 NC20
Real Property Manager I 32000308 NC23
Real Property Manager II 32000309 NC24
Real Property Supervisor I 32000310 NC20
Real Property Supervisor II 32000311 NC21
Real Property Supervisor III 32000312 NC22
Real Property Technician 32000313 NC12
Recreational Therapist 32000670 MH07
Recreational Therapy Aide 32000671 MH01
Recreational Therapy Assistant 32000672 MH03
Recreational Therapy Supervisor 32000673 MH12
Regional History Museum Administrator 32000719 NC15
Regional Trails Specialist 32000893 NC12
Registered Nurse 32000653 MH15
Rehabilitation Counselor 32000387 NC10
Rehabilitation Counselor Supervisor 32000388 NC13
Rehabilitation Education Specialist 32000164 NC14
Rehabilitation Program Manager I 32000389 NC17
Rehabilitation Program Manager II 32000390 NC19
Rehabilitation Quality Development Specialist 32000391 NC17
Rehabilitation Regional Asst Director 32000392 NC19
Rehabilitation Regional Director 32000393 NC22
Rehabilitation Services Assistant Manager 32002447 NC16
Rehabilitation Services Director 32000674 MH14
Rehabilitation Services Manager I 32000394 NC17
Rehabilitation Services Manager II 32000395 NC19
Research Historian 32000720 NC09
Research Historian Supervisor 32000721 NC12
Research Vessel Captain 32000848 NC11
Research Vessel Crew Member 32000849 NC03
Research Vessel Engineer 32000850 NC08
Residential Life Coordinator 32000396 NC07
Residential Life Director 32000397 NC12
Residential Life Trainer 32000398 NC05
Residential School Director 32000165 NC22
Respiratory Therapist 32000675 MH10
Respiratory Therapy Supervisor 32000676 MH15
Revenue Administration Officer I 32001251 NC15
Revenue Administration Officer II 32001252 NC17
Revenue Administration Officer III 32001253 NC21
Revenue Audit Director 32000314 NC25
Revenue Audit Manager 32000315 NC23
Revenue Field Auditor I 32000316 NC17
Revenue Field Auditor II 32000317 NC20
Revenue Field Auditor Supervisor 32000318 NC21
Revenue Law Enforcement Agent I 32000547 SW05
Revenue Law Enforcement Agent II 32000548 SW07
Revenue Law Enforcement Manager 32000549 SW09
Revenue Law Enforcement Supervisor 32000550 SW08
Revenue Office Manager I 32001254 NC16
Revenue Office Manager II 32001255 NC17
Revenue Officer I 32001256 NC11
Revenue Officer II 32001257 NC13
Revenue Property Tax Valuation Spec I 32001258 NC15
Revenue Property Tax Valuation Spec II 32001259 NC18
Revenue Tax Administrator I 32001261 NC24
Revenue Tax Administrator II 32001262 NC25
Revenue Tax Assistant Administrator I 32001263 NC22
Revenue Tax Assistant Administrator II 32001264 NC23
Revenue Tax Auditor I 32000319 NC13
Revenue Tax Auditor II 32000320 NC17
Revenue Tax Auditor III 32000321 NC20
Revenue Tax Technician 32001265 NC09
Risk Mitigation Manager 32000322 NC23
Rules Review Commission Counsel 32002358 LG07

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