Any mediation agreement, settlement agreement, or consent agreement in a grievance or contested case that requires the entering of data into human resources and payroll information systems used by agencies and universities with employees subject to G.S. 126 must be approved by the Office of State Human Resources (25 NCAC 01J.1304). All such agreements and orders are required to be submitted through the Smartsheet platform for review and approval by OSHR/OSBM for compliance with relevant HR rules and policies. The Smartsheet form will receive the required PD-14 form as well as any other supporting documentation such as the settlement agreement and court orders.

Please note that OSHR/OSBM approval is not required for any settlement the terms of which allow an employee to substitute a resignation for dismissal and to withdraw a grievance or a  contested case action.

Submit a Settlement for review and approval

Form PD-14 Statement of Back Pay

If a settlement/mediation agreement involves an award of back pay for a specific period of time, the agency/university must submit a PD-14, “Statement of Back Pay/Front Pay” to the OSHR Employee Relations Division.