Certified Public Manager® (CPM) Program

Target Audience

Middle managers - those who supervise other supervisors; or professionals who have program management responsibilities who may not oversee 2 levels of employees, but have broad influence across a wide geographic area or over a vast number of stakeholders.


The Certified Public Manager® (CPM) Program is an in-depth, comprehensive, competency-based, nationally certified development program for middle managers from state, federal, local amd tribal government organizations.

The core CPM Program is an intensive 14-month curriculum, with classes beginning in July. Approximately 12 classroom days (80 contact hours) are divided across four CPM instructional modules.

Additionally, 120+ hours are required outside the classroom sessions to complete online courses, pre/post class assignments and a CPM project. Completion of one prerequisite course (Advanced Skills for Managers) as well as several co-requisite training courses provide the final 100 instructional hours, for a CPM Program total of 300 hours.

All classroom sessions are held at the Learning and Development Center. Please see the CPM fact sheets for more information about the program design. 

Read the CPM fact sheets

Complete the CPM Application

Applications for the CPM Program will be available beginning January 31 for the class entering the following July. Your organization must nominiate applicants and sponsor participation. There is a program fee for the CPM Program.

For more information, please contact your organization's Training Coordinator. You may also contact Dr. Reed Altman, CPM Program Director, at reed.altman@nc.gov or 984-236-1021.


Personal and Organizational Integrity:  modeling and reinforcing behaviors that address potential ethical problems; appropriate workplace behavior; legal and policy compliance.

Managing Work:  meeting organizational goals through effective planning, prioritizing, organization and alignment of human, financial, material and information resources.  Empowering others by delegating clear job expectations; providing meaningful feedback and coaching; measuring performance. 

Leading People:  inspiring others to positive action through a clear vision; developing a diverse workforce; fostering commitment and team spirit; effectively managing emotions and impulses.

Developing Self:  demonstrating commitment to continuous learning, self-awareness and individual performance planning through feedback, analysis and action.

Systemic Integrationapproaching planning, decision-making and implementation from an enterprise perspective; understanding internal and external relationships that impact the organization.

Public Service Focus:  delivering superior services to the public as well as to internal and external recipients; identifying customer/client expectations and implementing processes that result in quality service.   

Change Leadershipinitiating and supporting change within the organization by implementing strategies to help others adapt to changes in the work environment; fostering creativity and innovation; being proactive.

NC Society of Certified Public Managers®

The NC Society of Certified Public Managers® is a professional association of public sector managers who have earned the CPM. The Society promotes networking with other professional managers as well as career development through continuing education. Find more information at www.ncscpm.org.

Or learn more about the American Academy of Certified Managers.