Class Specifications - D

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On March 13, 2023, Governor Roy Cooper signed Executive Order 278, Recognizing the Value of Experience in State Government. Currently, most state job classifications allow experience to be substituted for education or do not require a higher education degree.  OSHR is currently working with state agencies to evaluate the minimum education and experience requirements in all state job classifications.  As a part of this process, it may be necessary to update some classification specifications. To learn more about the Order, visit EO 278 FAQs.

Job Classification Job Code Salary Grade
Database Administrator I 31004032 DT09
Database Administrator II 31004033 DT10
Database Manager I 31004034 DT11
Database Manager II 31004035 DT12
Deaf/Blind Intervenor 32000347 NC12
Dental Assistant 32000593 MH04
Dental Consultant 32002332 MH25
Dental Director 32001302 MH26
Dental Equipment Technician 32000767 NC10
Dental Hygiene Coordinator 32000594 MH16
Dental Hygienist 32000595 MH15
Dental Laboratory Technician 32000596 MH11
Dental Supervisor 32001303 MH25
Dentist 32001304 MH24
Deputy Director Samarcand Training Academy 32002902 NC20
Department of Insurance Law Enforcement 32002630 SW11
Deputy Attorney General 32000136 LG11
Deputy Chief Medical Examiner 32001305 MH28
Deputy Chief Toxicologist 32005378 NC23
Deputy Commissioner Industrial Comm 32000137 LG08
Deputy Director Govs Crime Commission 32001103 NC17
Deputy Director of Prisons 32001104 NC25
Deputy Director Private Protective Svcs 32000473 NC16
Deputy Secretary Office Archives & History 32000737 NC24
Deputy Secretary/Commissioner I 32001203 NC25
Deputy Secretary/Commissioner II 32001204 NC26
Deputy Secretary/Commissioner III 32002432 NC27
Deputy State Auditor 32000269 NC27
Deputy State Controller 32000270 NC27
Development Associate 32000416 NC11
Developmental Services Manager 32000348 NC18
Director of Prisons 32001105 NC27
Director Private Protective Svcs 32000474 NC21
Director Samarcand Training Academy 32002903 NC21
Disability Determination Administrator 32000349 NC18
Disability Determination Manager I 32000350 NC17
Disability Determination Manager II 32000351 NC17
Disability Determination Specialist I 32000352 NC09
Disability Determination Specialist II 32000353 NC11
Disability Medical Consultant 32001306 MH24
Distribution Manager 32000271 NC10
Diving Safety Officer 32000939 NC13
Division Of Aquariums Director 32000741 NC23
Division Of Historical Resources Dir 32000700 NC21
Division Of Public Health Director 32000597 MH23
Division Of State Historic Sites Director 32000701 NC21
DMV Assistant Commissioner 32001205 NC23
DMV Assistant Director 32001206 NC19
DMV Commissioner 32001207 NC24
DMV Deputy Director 32001208 NC21
DMV Deputy District Manager 32002002 NC13
DMV Director 32001209 NC22
DMV District Manager 32002003 NC14
DMV LE Assistant Supervisor 32000475 SW07
DMV LE Deputy Director 32000476 SW09
DMV LE Director 32000477 SW11
DMV LE Inspector I 32000479 SW05
DMV LE Inspector II 32000480 SW06
DMV LE Manager 32000481 SW09
DMV LE Supervisor 32000482 SW08
DOI Regional Office Director 32001210 NC13
Driver License Examiner I 32001211 NC03
Driver License Examiner II 32001212 NC05
Driver License Supervisor 32002001 NC10

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