Class Specifications - E

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On March 13, 2023, Governor Roy Cooper signed Executive Order 278, Recognizing the Value of Experience in State Government. Currently, most state job classifications allow experience to be substituted for education or do not require a higher education degree.  OSHR is currently working with state agencies to evaluate the minimum education and experience requirements in all state job classifications.  As a part of this process, it may be necessary to update some classification specifications. To learn more about the Order, visit EO 278 FAQs.

Job Classification Job Code Salary Grade
Early Intervention Service Coordinator 32000354 NC07
Early Intervention Service Supervisor 32000355 NC15
Economist I 32000903 NC20
Economist II 32000904 NC21
Education Compliance Examiner 32000143 NC14
Education Licensure Specialist 32000144 NC12
Education Program Administrator I 32000145 NC18
Education Program Administrator II 32000146 NC20
Education Program Consultant I 32000147 NC16
Education Program Consultant II 32000148 NC18
Education Program Consultant III 32000149 NC20
Education Program Director I 32000150 NC21
Education Program Director II 32000151 NC23
Education Program Director III 32000152 NC25
Education Program Specialist 32000153 NC13
Education Test/Account Consultant I 32000154 NC18
Education Test/Account Consultant II 32000155 NC20
Educational Developmental Assistant 32000356 NC01
Educational Developmental Assistant Lead 32000357 NC03
Educational Diagnostician I 32000156 NC12
Educational Diagnostician II 32000157 NC14
Elections Investigator I 32003326 NC16
Elections Investigator II 32003327 NC18
Elections Specialist I 32001213 NC13
Elections Specialist II 32001214 NC15
Electrician I 32000768 NC08
Electrician II 32000769 NC09
Electrician Supervisor 32000770 NC11
Electronics Technician I 32000771 NC09
Electronics Technician II 32000772 NC11
Electronics Technician III 32000773 NC13
Elevator Inspection Assistant Director 32000941 NC17
Elevator Inspection Director 32000942 NC18
Elevator Inspection Supervisor 32000943 NC16
Elevator Inspector 32000944 NC15
Emergency Management Area Coordinator 32000945 NC17
Emergency Management Assistant Director 32000946 NC20
Emergency Management Director 32000947 NC21
Emergency Management Officer 32000948 NC15
Emergency Management Officer Supervisor 32000949 NC16
Emergency Management Specialist 32000950 NC16
Emergency Management Section Manager 32000951 NC18
Emergency Management Supervisor 32000952 NC17
Emergency Medical Assistant Chief 32000953 NC19
Emergency Medical Communications Manager 32000954 NC18
Emergency Medical Operations Manager 32000956 NC18
Emergency Medical Program Specialist 32000957 NC12
Emergency Medical Regional Supervisor 32000958 NC14
Employment Retaliation Administrator 32001215 NC14
Employment Retaliation Investigator 32001216 NC10
Energy Conservation Representative 32000879 NC12
Engineer I 32001163 NC16
Engineer II 32001164 NC18
Engineer III 32001165 NC20
Engineering Assistant 32001166 NC04
Engineering Director I 32001167 NC26
Engineering Director II 32001168 NC27
Engineering Director III 32001169 NC28
Engineering Director IV 32001170 NC29
Engineering Manager I 32001171 NC24
Engineering Manager II 32001172 NC25
Engineering Specialist I 32001173 NC13
Engineering Specialist II 32001174 NC14
Engineering Supervisor I 32001175 NC21
Engineering Supervisor II 32001176 NC22
Engineering Supervisor III 32001177 NC23
Engineering Technician I 32001178 NC07
Engineering Technician II 32001179 NC09
Engineering Technician III 32001180 NC11
Enterprise Risk & Security Director 31004036 DT15
Environmental Chemist 32000068 NC14
Environmental Division Director 32002483 NC25
Environmental Health Regional Specialist 32000069 NC15
Environmental Program Consultant 32000070 NC18
Environmental Program Manager I 32000071 NC22
Environmental Program Manager II 32000072 NC24
Environmental Program Supervisor I 32000073 NC19
Environmental Program Supervisor II 32000074 NC20
Environmental Specialist I 32000075 NC12
Environmental Specialist II 32000076 NC14
Environmental Technician I 32000077 NC04
Environmental Technician II 32000078 NC07
Environmental Toxicologist 32000079 NC22
Equipment Area Superintendent 32000774 NC16
Equipment Superintendent 32000775 NC13
Evidence Technician 32000483 NC06
Executive Assistant I 32000028 NC11
Executive Assistant II 32002433 NC13
Extension Education & Training Specialist I 32000158 NC13
Extension Education & Training Specialist II 32000159 NC14