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On March 13, 2023, Governor Roy Cooper signed Executive Order 278, Recognizing the Value of Experience in State Government. Currently, most state job classifications allow experience to be substituted for education or do not require a higher education degree.  OSHR is currently working with state agencies to evaluate the minimum education and experience requirements in all state job classifications.  As a part of this process, it may be necessary to update some classification specifications. To learn more about the Order, visit EO 278 FAQs.

Job Classification Job Code Salary Grade
ABC Permit Compliance Officer 32001186 NC08
Accountant I 32000215 NC13
Accountant II 32000216 NC14
Accountant III 32000217 NC15
Accountant IV 32000218 NC16
Accounting Clerk I 32000219 NC02
Accounting Clerk II 32000220 NC03
Accounting Director I 32000222 NC24
Accounting Director II 32000223 NC25
Accounting Manager I 32000224 NC18
Accounting Manager II 32000225 NC20
Accounting Specialist 32000226 NC11
Accounting Technician I 32000221 NC05
Accounting Technician II 32000227 NC06
Accounting Technician III 32000228 NC07
Actuary - Life & Health 32000229 NC25
Actuary - Property & Casualty 32000230 NC25
Actuary Director 32000231 NC26
Adaptive Equipment Specialist 32000746 NC06
Administrative Associate I 32000021 NC01
Administrative Associate II 32000022 NC02
Administrative Dietitian Supervisor 32000580 MH13
Administrative Lead 32000023 NC05
Administrative Officer I 32001187 NC11
Administrative Officer II 32001188 NC12
Administrative Officer III 32001189 NC13
Administrative Specialist I 32000024 NC08
Administrative Specialist II 32000025 NC09
Administrative Supervisor 32000026 NC10
Advocate I 32000334 NC10
Advocate II 32000335 NC12
Agency Chief Financial Officer I 32005326 NC23
Agency Chief Financial Officer II 32005327 NC24
Agency Chief Financial Officer III 32005328 NC26
Agency Chief Financial Officer IV 32000265 NC27
Agency Enterprise Risk and Security Dir 32002427 DT13
Agency General Counsel I 32000121 LG09
Agency General Counsel II 32000122 LG10
Agency HR Consultant I 32001137 NC13
Agency HR Consultant II 32001138 NC15
Agency HR Consultant III 32001139 NC18
Agency HR Director I 32001140 NC23
Agency HR Director II 32001141 NC24
Agency HR Director III 32001142 NC26
Agency HR Director IV 32001143 NC27
Agency HR Manager I 32001144 NC19
Agency HR Manager II 32001145 NC21
Agency HR Manager III 32001146 NC22
Agency HR Supervisor 32001147 NC16
Agency Legal Consultant I 32000123 LG06
Agency Legal Consultant II 32000124 LG06
Agricultural Compliance Officer I 32000916 NC10
Agricultural Compliance Officer II 32000917 NC14
Agricultural Emergency Program Specialist 32000925 NC15
Agricultural Inspection Supervisor 32000918 NC12
Agricultural Inspector 32000919 NC09
Agricultural Program Director I 32000029 NC20
Agricultural Program Director II 32000030 NC22
Agricultural Program Manager I 32000031 NC16
Agricultural Program Manager II 32000032 NC17
Agricultural Program Manager III 32002482 NC18
Agricultural Program Specialist I 32000033 NC13
Agricultural Program Specialist II 32000034 NC14
Agricultural Program Specialist III 32000035 NC15
Agricultural Program Supervisor I 32000036 NC12
Agricultural Program Supervisor II 32000037 NC13
Agricultural Program Technician I 32000038 NC03
Agricultural Program Technician II 32000039 NC04
Agricultural Research Director 32000040 NC22
Agricultural Research Manager 32000041 NC15
Agricultural Research Specialist 32000042 NC12
Agricultural Research Superintendent I 32000043 NC16
Agricultural Research Superintendent II 32000044 NC18
Agricultural Research Superintendent III 32000045 NC20
Agricultural Technician I 32000046 NC01
Agricultural Technician II 32000047 NC02
Air Operations Supervisor I 32000747 NC20
Air Operations Supervisor II 32000748 NC22
Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor 32000749 NC14
Aircraft Mechanic 32000750 NC12
ALE Agent I 32000447 SW05
ALE Agent II 32000448 SW07
ALE Agent III 32000449 SW08
ALE Assistant Director 32003502 SW11
ALE Assistant Special Agent in Charge 32002429 SW09
ALE Director 32003501 SW12
ALE Special Agent in Charge 32002428 SW10
Animal Health Inspection Supervisor 32000921 NC08
Animal Hlth Tech I - Animal Welfare 32000922 NC06
Animal Hlth Tech I - Poultry & Livestock 32000923 NC06
Animal Hlth Tech II 32000924 NC07
Apiary Inspection Supervisor 32000926 NC07
Apiary Inspector 32000927 NC06
Applications Systems Analyst I 31004027 DT07
Applications Systems Analyst II 31004028 DT09
Applications Systems Manager I 31004029 DT11
Applications Systems Manager II 31004030 DT12
Applications Systems Specialist 31004026 DT10
Applications Technician I 32002430 DT03
Applications Technician II 31004031 DT04
Aquarium Assistant Director 32000739 NC14
Aquarium Director 32000740 NC17
Aquatic Systems Technician 32000751 NC07
Archaeological Technician 32000695 NC07
Archaeologist I 32000696 NC09
Archaeologist II 32000697 NC11
Archaeologist Supervisor 32000698 NC13
Architect I 32001157 NC17
Architect II 32001158 NC19
Architectural Supervisor I 32001159 NC23
Architectural Supervisor II 32001160 NC25
Architectural Technician I 32001161 NC09
Architectural Technician II 32001162 NC12
Archives and Records Division Director 32000736 NC20
Archivist I 32000726 NC07
Archivist II 32000727 NC08
Archivist III 32000728 NC10
Archivist Manager 32000729 NC18
Archivist Supervisor 32000730 NC12
Armorer 32000455 NC06
Arts Development Consultant 32000692 NC11
Arts Program Administrator 32000693 NC12
Asbestos Consultant Supervisor 32000928 NC19
Asbestos Inspector 32000929 NC12
Asbestos Trainer 32000930 NC16
Assistant Agency General Counsel I 32000119 LG08
Assistant Agency General Counsel II 32000120 LG08
Assistant Judicial District Manager I 32001021 NC14
Assistant Judicial District Manager II 32002479 NC15
Assistant State Audit Director 32004653 NC26
Assistant State Audit Manager 32000232 NC25
Assistant State Audit Supervisor 32000233 NC23
Assistant State Auditor I 32000234 NC12
Assistant State Auditor II 32000235 NC17
Assistant State Auditor III 32000236 NC21
Assistant State Forester 32000048 NC22
Assistant State Information Systems Auditor I 32004654 NC13
Assistant State Information Systems Auditor II 32004655 NC19
Assistant State Information Systems Auditor III 32004656 NC22
Assistant State Information Systems Audit Supervisor 32004657 NC25
Assistant State Information Systems Audit Manager 32004658 NC26
Assistive Technologist 32000336 NC09
Associate State School Superintendent 32001351 NC28
Attorney I 32000125 LG07
Attorney II 32000126 LG07
Attorney III 32000127 LG08
Attorney IV 32000128 LG09
Attorney Manager I 32000129 LG09
Attorney Manager II 32000130 LG10
Attorney V 32000131 LG10
Audiologist 32000581 MH17
Audit Director 32002431 NC24
Audit Manager I 32000237 NC20
Audit Manager II 32000238 NC22
Auditor I 32000239 NC10
Auditor II 32000240 NC12
Auditor III 32000241 NC16
Autopsy Technician I 32005101  MH10
Autopsy Technician II 32000582 MH11
Aviation Safety Specialist 32000931 NC18

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