NCFlex Resources for New Employees

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Introduction to NCFlex Benefits

As an employee of an agency, university, participating community college or participating charter school, you have many benefit options.  If you are in a permanent position working at least 20 hours a week*, NCFlex is one of those options.  NCFlex is a state-sponsored benefits program that offers supplemental benefits to eligible employees that can travel with them to most other state employers.  NCFlex premiums come out of your pay on a pre-tax basis, which saves you an average of 30%. 

As a New Hire or Newly Eligible employee, you have 30 days from your date of hire or eligibility date to make your benefit elections.  Your NCFlex benefits will become effective on the 1st of the month following your date of hire.  If you have transferred from one state location to another, check with your Human Resources Department to see if any action is needed. 

The NCFlex pre-tax benefits include:

*For the Disability plan you must work 30 or more hours per week.  Employees of the University of North Carolina System and any constituent institution are not eligible for the Group Term Life, AD&D or Disability plans through NCFlex.  Check with your HR representative for more information.  

NCFlex Plan Document 

Plan Document Amendment - 2021 FSA Changes

Plan Document Amendment 2 - Carryover Amount Increase


NCFlex Benefits Overview:


NCFlex Pre-Tax Advantage:



View Videos of All NCFlex Products:

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Your best resource for all benefits related questions (NCFlex as well as other benefits) is your Health Benefits Representative or your Human Resources Department. 

If you have questions for a specific NCFlex vendors about their products, view each individual benefit page from the list above or see our list of contacts

If you still need assistance, contact an NCFlex Representative

Enroll in NCFlex benefits in one of two ways:

  • Online

    • Non-University Employees

      Go to and click the Enroll Now button.  Click the button for your enrollment system.  If your employer is not listed, select the "eBenefits" button or contact your HR representative for assistance.  Once logged in, the enrollment system will walk you through the steps to enroll.

    • University Employees

      Go to and click on the Enroll Now button.  Then choose "Employees of the University of North Carolina and Constituent Institutions".  As a University employee, there are two enrollment platforms you will use when enrolling for NCFlex benefits.  The one you use depends on which benefit you are enrolling in.  For Dental, Vision, Accident, FSAs, and TRICARE Supplement, you will use the eBenefits (Benefitfocus) platform.  For NCFlex  Cancer and Critical Illness, as well as UNC Voluntary Life and AD&D, you will use the UNC (Empyrean) platform.  

  • Call 1-855-859-0966

    • Call the eligibility and enrollment call center at 1-855-859-0966, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (ET). 

    • University employees please note this call center will only be used for benefits in the eBenefits (Benefitfocus) platform.