Class Specifications - C

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On March 13, 2023, Governor Roy Cooper signed Executive Order 278, Recognizing the Value of Experience in State Government. Currently, most state job classifications allow experience to be substituted for education or do not require a higher education degree.  OSHR is currently working with state agencies to evaluate the minimum education and experience requirements in all state job classifications.  As a part of this process, it may be necessary to update some classification specifications. To learn more about the Order, visit EO 278 FAQs.

Job Classification Job Code Salary Grade
Cardiology Technician 32000583 MH01
Career Employment Services Consultant I 32001192 NC06
Career Employment Services Consultant II 32001193 NC08
Career Employment Services Manager I 32001194 NC13
Career Employment Services Manager II 32001195 NC14
Career Employment Services Regional Mgr 32001196 NC16
Career Employment Services Specialist 32001197 NC09
Career Employment Services Supervisor I 32001752 NC09
Career Employment Services Supervisor II 32001753 NC10
Career Employment Services Vocational Counselor 32001199 NC07
Carpenter I 32000764 NC03
Carpenter II 32000765 NC08
Carpenter Supervisor 32000766 NC10
Casework Associate I 32000339 NC04
Casework Associate II 32000340 NC06
CAT Scan Technologist 32000584 MH12
Certificate Of Need Assistant Chief 32001190 NC18
Certificate Of Need Project Analyst 32001191 NC16
Chaplain I 32000341 NC10
Chaplain II 32000342 NC11
Chaplaincy Services Coordinator 32001059 NC12
Charge Nurse 32000607 MH16
Chemist I 32000049 NC14
Chemist II 32000050 NC18
Chemistry Manager I 32000051 NC22
Chemistry Manager II 32000052 NC23
Chemistry Supervisor I 32000053 NC19
Chemistry Supervisor II 32000054 NC20
Chemistry Technician I 32000055 NC06
Chemistry Technician II 32000056 NC07
Chief Deputy Attorney General 32000132 LG11
Chief Deputy I 32000182 NC28
Chief Deputy II 32000183 NC29
Chief Deputy III 32000184 NC30
Chief Medical Examiner 32001300 MH28
Chief Probation and Parole Officer 32001023 NC13
Chief Toxicologist 32000057 NC24
Civil Rights Compliance Manager 32001602 NC13
Civil Rights Investigator 32001601 NC11
Clinical Dietitian 32000585 MH12
Clinical Dietitian Supervisor 32000586 MH13
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist 32000588 MH23
Code Official I 32002628 NC12
Code Official II 32004529 NC14
Code Official III 32004530 NC15
Code Official Supervisor 32002629 NC15
Comm Corr Asst Chief of Special Ops 32001024 NC14
Comm Corr Deputy Director 32001025 NC23
Comm Corr Director 32001026 NC24
Commodity Distribution Representative 32000058 NC03
Commodity Grader I 32000059 NC04
Commodity Grader II 32000060 NC05
Commodity Grader III 32000061 NC06
Community Based Alternatives Prog Coord 32001200 NC08
Community Development Planner I 32000872 NC12
Community Development Planner II 32000873 NC17
Community Development Specialist I 32000874 NC12
Community Development Specialist II 32000875 NC17
Community Employment Program Manager 32000343 NC10
Community Employment Program Specialist 32000344 NC06
Community Employment Program Supervisor 32000345 NC07
Community Employment Program Technician 32000346 NC04
Community Planner I 32000876 NC11
Community Planner II 32000877 NC14
Community Planner III 32000878 NC17
Company Security Officer I 32000457 NC06
Company Security Officer II 32000458 NC07
Conservation Biologist I 32000062 NC14
Conservation Biologist II 32000063 NC18
Conservation Biologist Manager 32000064 NC22
Conservation Biologist Supervisor 32000065 NC20
Conservation LE Pilot 32000459 SW07
Conservation LE Pilot Supervisor 32000460 SW08
Conservation Mgmt Administrator 32000066 NC24
Conservation Mgmt Coordinator 32000067 NC23
Conservation Program Administrator 32000175 NC19
Conservation Program Assistant Administrator 32000176 NC17
Conservation Program Coordinator I 32000177 NC12
Conservation Program Coordinator II 32000178 NC13
Conservation Program Coordinator III 32000179 NC14
Consumer Complaint Analyst 32001201 NC08
Consumer Complaint Supervisor 32001202 NC10
Consumer Protection Specialist I 32000133 NC08
Consumer Protection Specialist II 32000134 NC10
Contract Quality Control Specialist 32002408 NC12
Contract Specialist I 32000267 NC14
Contract Specialist II 32000268 NC17
Contracts Technician 32002409 NC12
Cook 32000001 NC01
Correction Enterprise Director I 32001027 NC14
Correction Enterprise Director II 32001028 NC16
Correction Enterprise Director III 32001029 NC20
Correction Enterprise Manager I 32001030 NC10
Correction Enterprise Manager II 32001031 NC11
Correction Enterprise Manager III 32001032 NC12
Correction Enterprise Supervisor I 32001033 NC05
Correction Enterprise Supervisor II 32001034 NC06
Correction Enterprise Supervisor III 32001035 NC07
Correctional Administrator I 32002480 NC21
Correctional Administrator II 32001036 NC22
Correctional Admissions Technician 32001037 NC02
Correctional Associate Warden Operations 32001038 NC18
Correctional Associate Warden Programs 32001039 NC18
Correctional Asst Chief of Program Services 32001040 NC17
Correctional Asst Supt for Program I 32001041 NC13
Correctional Asst Supt for Programs II 32001042 NC14
Correctional Asst Supt I 32001043 NC13
Correctional Asst Supt II 32001044 NC14
Correctional Asst Supt III 32001045 NC15
Correctional Asst Supt IV 32001046 NC15
Correctional Asst Supt V 32001047 NC17
Correctional Behavioral Specialist I 32001048 NC05
Correctional Behavioral Specialist II 32001049 NC06
Correctional Captain I 32001050 NC10
Correctional Captain II 32001051 NC11
Correctional Captain III 32001052 NC13
Correctional Career Coach 32001053 NC14
Correctional Career Coordinator 32001054 NC15
Correctional Career Program Manager 32001055 NC16
Correctional Case Analyst 32001056 NC08
Correctional Case Analyst Senior 32001057 NC09
Correctional Case Manager 32001058 NC07
Correctional Chief of Program Services 32001060 NC20
Correctional Chief of Security 32001061 NC17
Correctional Classification Coordinator 32001062 NC10
Correctional Deputy Prision Warden 32001063 NC20
Correctional Diagnostic Center Director 32001064 NC12
Correctional Diagnostic Svcs Prog Mngr 32001065 NC13
Correctional Diagnostic Svcs Spec 32001066 NC12
Correctional Facility Administrator 32001068 NC21
Correctional Facility Superintendent I 32001069 NC18
Correctional Facility Superintendent II 32001070 NC19
Correctional Facility Superintendent III 32001071 NC20
Correctional Food Service Director 32000007 NC20
Correctional Food Service Manager I 32001072 NC08
Correctional Food Service Manager II 32001073 NC09
Correctional Food Service Manager III 32001074 NC11
Correctional Food Service Officer I 32001075 NC05
Correctional Food Service Officer II 32001076 NC06
Correctional Food Service Officer III 32001077 NC07
Correctional Food Service Supervisor I 32001078 NC07
Correctional Food Service Supervisor II 32001079 NC08
Correctional Food Service Supervisor III 32001080 NC10
Correctional Housing Unit Manager I 32001081 NC07
Correctional Housing Unit Manager II 32001082 NC08
Correctional Housing Unit Manager III 32001083 NC10
Correctional Lieutenant I 32001084 NC08
Correctional Lieutenant II 32001085 NC09
Correctional Lieutenant III 32001086 NC11
Correctional Officer I 32001087 NC05
Correctional Officer II 32001088 NC06
Correctional Officer III 32001089 NC07
Correctional Planner I 32000881 NC13
Correctional Planner II 32000882 NC15
Correctional Prison Warden 32001090 NC21
Correctional Programs Director I 32001091 NC10
Correctional Programs Director II 32001092 NC12
Correctional Programs Director III 32001093 NC14
Correctional Programs Supervisor 32001094 NC08
Correctional Regional Operations Manager 32001095 NC20
Correctional Sergeant I 32001096 NC07
Correctional Sergeant II 32001097 NC08
Correctional Sergeant III 32001098 NC09
Correctional Training Coordinator I 32001099 NC12
Correctional Training Coordinator II 32001100 NC14
Correctional Training Instructor 32001101 NC11
Correctional Training Specialist 32001102 NC09
Cosmetic Arts Inspector Supervisor 32000937 NC13
Cosmetic Arts Inspector 32000938 NC10
Court Reporter 32000135 LG01
Creative/Expressive Arts Specialist 32000589 MH05
Creative/Expressive Arts Supervisor 32000590 MH11
Creative/Expressive Arts Therapist 32000591 MH08
Criminal Information Audit Supervisor 32000461 NC12
Criminal Information Auditor 32000462 NC10
Criminal Information Training Specialist 32000463 NC12
Criminal Information Training Supervisor 32000464 NC13
Criminal Justice Planner I 32000883 NC12
Criminal Justice Planner II 32000884 NC17
Criminal Justice Specialist/Invest I 32000465 NC10
Criminal Justice Specialist/Invest II 32000466 NC12
Criminal Justice Specialist/Invest III 32000467 NC14
Criminal Justice Specialist/Invest IV 32000468 NC16
Criminal Justice Standards Deputy Direct 32000469 NC21
Criminal Justice Standards Director 32000470 NC22
Criminal Justice Training Coordinator I 32000471 NC15
Criminal Justice Training Coordinator II 32000472 NC16
0 0 0