Class Specifications - I

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On March 13, 2023, Governor Roy Cooper signed Executive Order 278, Recognizing the Value of Experience in State Government. Currently, most state job classifications allow experience to be substituted for education or do not require a higher education degree.  OSHR is currently working with state agencies to evaluate the minimum education and experience requirements in all state job classifications.  As a part of this process, it may be necessary to update some classification specifications. To learn more about the Order, visit EO 278 FAQs.

Job Classification Job Code Salary Grade
Industrial Commission Investigator 32000456 SW05
Industrial Commission Investigator Supervisor 32003651 SW07
Industrial Devel Representative I 32000870 NC12
Industrial Devel Representative II 32000871 NC17
Industrial Hygiene Consultant 32000982 NC16
Industrial Hygiene Consultant Supervisor 32000983 NC19
Information & Communications Spec I 32000424 NC10
Information & Communications Spec II 32000425 NC13
Information & Communications Spec III 32000426 NC16
Information & Technology Pharmacist 32000603 MH23
IT Auditor 32002439 DT09
Insurance Company Examiner Director 32000280 NC25
Insurance Company Examiner I 32000281 NC12
Insurance Company Examiner II 32000282 NC17
Insurance Company Examiner Manager 32000283 NC23
Insurance Consumer Analyst Director 32001227 NC20
Insurance Consumer Analyst I 32001228 NC09
Insurance Consumer Analyst II 32001229 NC11
Insurance Consumer Analyst Manager 32001230 NC14
Insurance Criminal Investigations Director 32000507 SW10
Insurance Criminal Investigations Manager 32000508 SW09
Insurance Criminal Investigations Supervisor 32000509 SW08
Insurance Criminal Investigator I 32000510 SW05
Insurance Criminal Investigator II 32000511 SW07
Insurance Regulatory Analyst Director 32001231 NC24
Insurance Regulatory Analyst I 32001232 NC17
Insurance Regulatory Analyst II 32001233 NC19
Insurance Regulatory Analyst Manager 32001234 NC22
Integrated Ballistics Id Systems Oper 32000512 NC08
Internal Audit Director 32004126 NC26
Internal Audit Manager 32004127 NC24
Internal Audit Supervisor 32004128 NC22
Internal Auditor I 32004131 NC12
Internal Auditor II 32004130 NC15
Internal Auditor III 32004129 NC19
Inventory Assistant 32000284 NC01
Inventory Associate I 32000285 NC01
Inventory Associate II 32000286 NC02
IT Architect 31004038 DT12
IT Architect Manager 31004037 DT14
IT Business Relationship Specialist 31004039 DT08
IT Business Systems Analyst I 31004040 DT07
IT Business Systems Analyst II 31004041 DT08
IT Business Systems/Planning Manager 31004252 DT11
IT Contracts & Strategic Sourcing Manager 31004043 DT09
IT Contracts Specialist 31004044 DT06
IT Contracts & Strategic Sourcing Director 31004042 DT15
IT Director I 31004045 DT12
IT Director II 31004046 DT13
IT Director III 31004047 DT13
IT Enterprise Architect 31004054 DT13
IT Enterprise Planning Analyst 31004055 DT09
IT Executive I 31004056 DT14
IT Executive II 31004057 DT15
IT Planning Analyst 31004058 DT08
IT Project Manager I 31004059 DT11
IT Project Manager II 31004060 DT12
IT Project/Program Portfolio Director 31004061 DT13
IT Project/Program Portfolio Manager 32002440 DT13
IT Security & Compliance Manager I 31004062 DT11
IT Security & Compliance Manager II 31004063 DT12
IT Security & Compliance Specialist I 31004064 DT08
IT Security & Compliance Specialist II 31004065 DT10
IT Strategic Sourcing Specialist 31004066 DT07
IT Technical Writer 31004078 DT04