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On March 13, 2023, Governor Roy Cooper signed Executive Order 278, Recognizing the Value of Experience in State Government. Currently, most state job classifications allow experience to be substituted for education or do not require a higher education degree.  OSHR is currently working with state agencies to evaluate the minimum education and experience requirements in all state job classifications.  As a part of this process, it may be necessary to update some classification specifications. To learn more about the Order, visit EO 278 FAQs.

Job Classification Job Code Salary Grade
Paralegal I 32000138 LG03
Paralegal II 32000139 LG04
Paralegal III 32000140 LG05
Park Ranger I 32000536 SW04
Park Ranger II 32000537 SW05
Parks & Recreation Consultant 32000890 NC12
Parks & Recreation Planning Officer 32000891 NC17
Parks Chief Naturalist 32000106 NC08
Parks District Interpretation & Ed Spec 32000160 NC13
Parks Regional Superintendent 32000538 SW09
Parks Resource Management Specialist 32000107 NC16
Parks Superintendent I 32000539 SW06
Parks Superintendent II 32002476 SW06
Parks Superintendent III 32002477 SW07
Parks Superintendent IV 32002420 SW08
Parole Case Analyst I 32001122 NC09
Parole Case Analyst II 32001123 NC11
Parole Case Analyst III 32001124 NC14
Parole Commutation And Pardon Analyst 32001125 NC07
Parole Revocation Hearings Officer 32001126 NC07
Patient Review Coordinator 32000642 MH08
Pesticide Inspector I 32001005 NC08
Pesticide Inspector II 32001006 NC10
Permits Director 32001237 NC17
Pharmacist 32000643 MH23
Pharmacy Consultant 32000644 MH23
Pharmacy Director 32000645 MH24
Pharmacy Technician 32000646 MH03
Pharmacy Technician Supervisor 32002329 MH05
Photographer 32002403 NC05
Physical Therapist 32000647 MH18
Physical Therapist Assistant 32000648 MH10
Physical Therapy Consultant 32000649 MH19
Physical Therapy Supervisor I 32000650 MH19
Physical Therapy Supervisor II 32000651 MH21
Physical Therapy Technician 32000652 MH01
Physician 32001311 MH26
Physician Extender 32001315 MH21
Physician Manager 32001316 MH27
Pilot 32000837 NC18
Plumber I 32000838 NC07
Plumber II 32000839 NC08
Plumber Supervisor 32000840 NC09
Police Director I 32000540 SW11
Police Director II 32000541 SW12
Police Officer I 32000542 SW04
Police Officer II 32000543 SW06
Police Officer Supervisor I 32000544 SW08
Police Officer Supervisor II 32000545 SW09
Police Officer Supervisor III 32004951 SW10
Policy Development Analyst I 32004526 NC14
Policy Development Analyst II 32000440 NC17
Policy Development Analyst III 32004527 NC20
Policy Development Manager 32004528 NC22
Print Shop Manager 32000841 NC12
Printing Equipment Operator I 32000842 NC01
Printing Equipment Operator II 32000843 NC02
Printing/Duplication Supervisor 32000844 NC03
Printing/Lithographic Press Operator II 32000846 NC03
Printing/Lithographic Section Supervisor 32000847 NC04
Probation/Parole Field Specialist 32001128 NC08
Probation/Parole Officer 32001130 NC07
Procurement Director 32000291 NC25
Procurement Manager 32000292 NC22
Procurement Specialist I 32000293 NC09
Procurement Specialist II 32000294 NC12
Procurement Specialist III 32000295 NC16
Procurement Technician 32000296 NC05
Professional Associate- General 32002634 NC05
Professional Associate- Human Services 32002637 NC03
Professional Associate- Safety 32002635 NC06
Professional Associate- Scientific 32002636 NC12
Program Analyst I 32002446 NC17
Program Analyst II 32001238 NC19
Program Coordinator I 32001239 NC08
Program Coordinator II 32001240 NC10
Program Coordinator III 32001241 NC12
Program Coordinator IV 32001242 NC14
Program Development Coordinator 32001243 NC19
Program Director I 32001244 NC22
Program Director II 32001245 NC23
Program Manager I 32001246 NC20
Program Manager II 32001247 NC21
Program Supervisor I 32001248 NC14
Program Supervisor II 32001249 NC17
Property Manager 32000297 NC24
Psychiatric Physician Extender 32002333 MH22
Psychiatrist 32001317 MH27
Psychological Assistant 32000654 MH07
Psychological Program Director I 32000655 MH22
Psychological Program Director II 32000656 MH23
Psychological Program Manager 32000657 MH20
Psychological Services Coordinator 32002330 MH18
Psychologist 32000682 MH17
Psychologist Senior 32000677 MH20
Psychometrician 32000161 NC20
Public Health Disease Intervention Specialist I 32000658 MH08
Public Health Disease Intervention Specialist II 32000659 MH09
Public Health Disease Intervention Supervisor 32000660 MH12
Public Health Entomologist 32000108 MH12
Public Health Epidemiologist 32000661 MH15
Public Health Epidemiology Program Manager 32000662 MH18
Public Health Epidemiology Supervisor 32000663 MH17
Public Health Genetic Counselor 32000664 MH12
Public Health Informatician 32000665 MH17
Public Health Laboratory Assistant Director 32000666 MH22
Public Health Laboratory Director 32000667 MH23
Public Health Laboratory Manager I 32003851 MH20
Public Health Laboratory Manager II 32003852 MH21
Public Health Scientist 32000109 NC20
Public Health Educator I 32000162 NC15
Public Health Educator II 32000163 NC16
Public Information Director I 32000441 NC21
Public Information Director II 32000442 NC24
Public Information Manager 32002404 NC19
Public Safety Research & Planning Dir 32000892 NC19
Public Utilities Engineer I 32001182 NC17
Public Utilities Engineer II 32001183 NC20
Public Utilities Engineer III 32001184 NC22
Public Utilities Engineering Supervisor 32001185 NC24
Public Utilities Regulatory Analyst I 32005003 NC18
Public Utilities Regulatory Analyst II 32005004 NC20
Public Utilities Regulatory Analyst Supervisor 32005005 NC22
Purchase and Contract Inspection Spec 32000298 NC12