Alphabetical Listing of Policies

This data table provides a listing of all active OSHR policy documents, including policy history and FAQ documents. You may search the data table using the search function, or sort using the column headers. By default, the table sorts by the name of the policy in alphabetical order.

Please note that dates are listed as YYYY/MM/DD.

Updated: March 11, 2024

Policy Topic Last Revision
Academic Assistance Policy Training 6/4/2020
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) in the Workplace Policy Employment & Records 12/5/2019
Adverse Weather Policy Leave 2/4/2021
Applicant Reference Checks Policy Employment & Records 10/19/2023
Appointment Types and Career Status Policy Employment & Records 2/15/2023
Bonus Leave Administration Policy Leave 9/1/2015
Career Banding Salary Administration Policy Salary Administration 1/1/2015
Certified Public Manager Program Policy Training 12/15/2019
Civil Leave and Job Related Proceedings Policy Leave 9/7/2017
Communicable Disease Emergency Policy Wellness & Work-Life Balance 4/28/2020
Community Service Leave Policy Leave 12/15/2019
Community Service Leave - Literacy, Tutoring, and Mentoring Policy Leave 9/7/2017
Compensatory Time Policy Leave 4/18/2024
Creditable Service Policy Employment & Records 9/7/2017
Demotion/Reassignment Policy Salary Administration 4/1/2005
Disciplinary Action Policy Discipline, Appeals & Grievances 9/15/2023
Drug Free Workplace Policy Safety 8/13/2018
Dual Employment Policy Employment & Records 6/1/2023
Educational Leave Policy Leave 10/6/2016
Emergency Closing Policy Leave 2/4/2021
Employee Assistance Program Policy Wellness & Work-Life Balance 8/13/2018
Employee Grievance Policy Discipline, Appeals & Grievances 4/1/2023
Employee Learning and Development Policy Training 6/4/2020
Employee Referral Bonus Pilot Program Policy Salary Administration 2/15/2023
Employment Contracts Policy Employment & Records 4/20/2023
Employment Offers Policy Employment & Records 10/19/2023
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy EEO 4/4/2019
Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity Fundamentals Policy EEO 6/4/2020
Extended Duty For Medical Personnel Policy Salary Administration 10/1/2020
Family and Medical Leave Policy Leave 9/7/2017
Family and Medical Leave - Military Caregiver Policy Leave 3/8/2013
Family and Medical Leave - Qualifying Exigency Policy Leave 3/8/2013
Family Illness Leave Policy Leave 9/7/2017
Federal Hatch Act for Political Activities Policy Statutory Provisions 12/2/2021
Final Administrative Grievance Review by State HR Commission Policy Discipline, Appeals & Grievances 12/11/1998
Flexible Benefits Policy Employee Benefits & Awards 10/14/2010
Foreign Service Employees Compensation Policy Salary Administration 6/1/2022
Form I-9 and Employment Eligibility Verification Policy Recruitment & Workforce Planning 10/19/2023
General Leave Policies - Leave Offsetting Leave 1/1/2011
General Pay Policies Salary Administration 6/1/2022
Governor's Awards for Excellence Policy Employee Benefits & Awards 7/14/2022
Grievance Review by State Agencies and OSHR & Available Remedies Policy Discipline, Appeals & Grievances 12/1/2013
Holiday Premium Pay Policy Salary Administration 4/1/2021
Holidays Policy Leave 4/1/2021
Horizontal Transfer Policy Salary Administration 6/1/2022
Hours of Work and Overtime Compensation Policy Salary Administration 11/30/2023
HB 1090: Unemployment Insurance and Severance Pay Under Employment Security Laws Employee Benefits & Awards 7/27/2009
ID Badge Safety 6/4/2020
In-Range Adjustment Policy Salary Administration 6/1/2022
Incentive Leave Policy Leave 1/1/2011
Initial Classification Policy Salary Administration 10/1/2020
Interchange of Governmental Employees Policy Employment & Records 2/4/2021
Lactation Support Policy Wellness & Work-Life Balance 2/15/2024
Leave Without Pay Policy Leave 8/7/2023
Limitation of Political Activity Policy Employment & Records 12/2/2021
Longevity Policy Salary Administration 9/7/2017
Mentoring Program Policy Training 8/6/2020
Military Leave Policy Leave 9/7/2017
New Appointments Policy Salary Administration 10/13/2022
On-Call Emergency & Callback Pay Policy Salary Administration 4/1/2009
Other Benefits Policy (not administered by OSHR) Employee Benefits & Awards 3/1/2019
Other Management Approved Leave Policy (OMAL) Leave 9/7/2017
Pay Administration Policy Salary Administration 2/15/2023
Paid Parental Leave Policy Leave 10/19/2023
Personal Observance Policy Leave 7/14/2022
Personnel Records Policy Employment & Records 7/14/2022
PM Policy for Agencies and Universities Policy Performance Management 10/1/2020
Position Management Policy Classification 12/3/2020
Priority Reemployment for Employees Removed for Violation of G.S. 126-14.2 - repealed 11/2013 Recruitment & Workforce Planning 3/1/2007
Priority Reemployment for Policy-Making and Exempt Managerial Employees Policy Recruitment & Workforce Planning 12/3/2020
Priority Referral System - Repealed 11/2013 Recruitment & Workforce Planning 3/1/2007
Probationary/Trainee/Permanent Appointment and Career Status Policy Employment & Records 11/1/2013
Promotion Policy Salary Administration 11/30/2023
Promotional Priority Policy Recruitment & Workforce Planning 4/1/2021
Reallocation Policy Salary Administration 6/1/2022
Reasonable Accommodation Policy EEO 8/7/2023
Recruitment and Posting of Vacancies Policy Recruitment & Workforce Planning 10/19/2023
Recruitment and Selection Plans Policy Recruitment & Workforce Planning 7/1/2014
Redeployment Policy Salary Administration 1/1/2007
Reduction-In-Force Policy Separation 10/7/2021
Reduction-In-Force Priority Policy Separation 12/3/2020
Reinstatement Policy Salary Administration 11/1/2013
Reorganization Through Reduction (RTR) Policy Separation 6/4/2020
Rewards And Recognition Policy Employee Benefits & Awards 6/4/2020
Richard Caswell Award Policy Employee Benefits & Awards 7/14/2022
Salary Action Documentation Requirements & Approval Process Policy Salary Administration 3/5/2010
Secondary Employment Policy Employment & Records 12/3/2020
Selection of Applicants Policy Recruitment & Workforce Planning 10/19/2023
Separation Policy Separation 4/18/2024
Service Awards Program Policy Employee Benefits & Awards 10/1/2020
Severance Salary Continuation Policy Separation 10/13/2022
Shift Premium Pay Policy Salary Administration 9/7/2017
Sick Leave Policy Leave 9/7/2017
Sign-On and Retention Bonus Policy Salary Administration 4/18/2024
Space Heater Use Program Safety 3/6/2019
Special Annual Leave Bonus Leave 7/10/2018
Special Leave Memo Policy Leave 7/30/2013
State Employee Memorial Program Policy Employee Benefits & Awards 7/14/2022
State Employees Workplace Requirements Program for Safety and Health Safety 4/21/2019
State Human Resources Commission Policy Statutory Provisions 7/14/2022
State Human Resources Act (G.S. 126) Statutory Provisions 6/21/2018
State Human Resources Commission Review of Contested Cases/Remedies Discipline, Appeals & Grievances 12/11/1998
State Human Resources System State HR System 8/3/1992
Supplemental Salary Policy Salary Administration 9/1/2006
Technical Adjustments to the Pay Plan Policy Classification 10/1/2020
Teleworking Program Policy Employment & Records 2/16/2023
Temporary Employment Policy Recruitment & Workforce Planning 2/4/2021
Temporary Solutions Referral Policy Recruitment & Workforce Planning 5/9/2017
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act Statutory Provisions 11/1/1989
Transfer Leave Policy Leave 9/7/2017
Unemployment Insurance Policy Employee Benefits & Awards 9/1/2012
Unlawful Workplace Harassment Policy EEO 4/1/2019
University System Career Banding Salary Administration Policy Salary Administration 3/1/2024
Vacation Leave Policy Leave 9/7/2017
Veteran's & National Guard Preference Policy Recruitment & Workforce Planning 2/15/2024
Voluntary Shared Leave Policy Leave 9/7/2017
Work Options Policy Employment & Records 6/1/1982
Work Schedule Policy Employment & Records 4/1/2020
Workers' Compensation Administration (REPLACED BY WORKERS' COMPENSATION POLICY 10-21-2019) Workers' Compensation 6/1/2003
Workers' Compensation Leave (REPLACED BY WORKERS' COMPENSATION POLICY 10-21-2019) Workers' Compensation 8/7/2019
Workers' Compensation Policy Workers' Compensation 1/1/2024
Workforce Planning Policy Recruitment & Workforce Planning 2/16/2023
Workplace Violence Policy Safety 10/13/2022
Worksite Wellness Policy Wellness & Work-Life Balance 8/12/2016
Vaccination Incentive Pilot Program Policy Salary Administration 10/7/2021