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On March 13, 2023, Governor Roy Cooper signed Executive Order 278, Recognizing the Value of Experience in State Government. Currently, most state job classifications allow experience to be substituted for education or do not require a higher education degree.  OSHR is currently working with state agencies to evaluate the minimum education and experience requirements in all state job classifications.  As a part of this process, it may be necessary to update some classification specifications. To learn more about the Order, visit EO 278 FAQs.

Job Classification Job Code Salary Grade
Safety Consultant 32001009 NC17
Safety Director I 32001010 NC17
Safety Director II 32001011 NC19
Safety Director III 32001012 NC21
Safety Officer I 32001013 NC12
Safety Officer II 32001014 NC15
Sales & Marketing Manager 32000443 NC15
Sales Representative 32000444 NC11
SBI Agent Associate 32000551 SW05
SBI Agent I 32000552 SW07
SBI Agent II 32000553 SW08
SBI Agent III 32000554 SW09
SBI Assistant Director 32000555 SW12
SBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge 32000556 SW10
SBI Criminal Specialist 32000557 SW08
SBI Deputy Director 32000558 SW12
SBI Director 32000559 SW12
SBI Special Agent in Charge 32002701 SW11
School Insurance Consultant 32001266 NC12
School Insurance Director 32001267 NC16
School Planning Consultant 32000166 NC21
School Transportation Consultant 32000894 NC12
Security Coordinator 32000562 NC05
Security Guard 32000563 NC01
Security Supervisor 32000564 NC07
Sewing Machine Operator 32000019 NC01
Sewing Room Supervisor 32000020 NC02
Sheriff's Standards Deputy Director 32000565 NC20
Sheriffs' Standards Director 32000566 NC21
Shipping/Receiving Supervisor I 32000323 NC08
Shipping/Receiving Supervisor II 32000324 NC09
Sign Language Interpreter 32000399 NC14
Sign Language Interpreting Specialist 32000400 NC15
Social Research Assistant I 32000905 NC07
Social Research Assistant II 32000906 NC09
Social Research Director 32000907 NC24
Social Research Manager I 32000908 NC19
Social Research Manager II 32000909 NC21
Social Research Specialist I 32000910 NC13
Social Research Specialist II 32000911 NC15
Social Research Specialist III 32000912 NC16
Social Work Program Director 32000401 NC21
Social Work Program Manager 32000402 NC20
Social Worker 32000403 NC11
Social Worker Clinical 32000404 NC14
Social Worker Clinical Supervisor 32000405 NC19
Social Worker Supervisor 32000406 NC17
Sonographer 32000678 MH12
SOS Law Enforcement Agent 32000567 SW05
Special Operations Chief 32003504 SW10
Special Operations Director 32003503 SW12
Special Operations Investigator 32003506 SW07
Special Populations Administrator 32004952 NC15
Special Operations Intelligence Unit Telecommunicator Supervisor 32004052 NC06
Special Operations Intelligence Unit Telecommunicator 32004051 NC05
Special Operations Investigative Supervisor 32003505 SW09
Speech and Hearing Clinic Manager 32000679 MH19
Speech And Hearing Program Director 32000680 MH20
Speech And Language Pathologist 32000681 MH17
Staff Development Coordinator 32000167 NC18
Staff Development Director I 32000168 NC19
Staff Development Director II 32000169 NC20
Staff Development Specialist I 32000170 NC12
Staff Development Specialist II 32000171 NC15
Standards Area Supervisor 32001015 NC13
Standards Inspector I 32001017 NC09
Standards Inspector II 32001018 NC10
Standards Inspector III 32002631 NC11
Standards Measurement Manager 32001019 NC14
State Archaeologist 32000722 NC17
State Archives and History Regional Supervisor 32000738 NC12
State Budget Management Analyst I 32000325 NC19
State Budget Management Analyst II 32002448 NC21
State Budget Manager 32000326 NC25
State Controller Financial Manager 32002449 NC23
State Controller Financial Specialist I 32000327 NC19
State Controller Financial Specialist II 32002450 NC20
State Controller Risk Mitigation Spec 32000328 NC19
State Crime Lab Assistant Director 32001502 NC23
State Crime Lab Deputy Asst Director 32000110 NC22
State Crime Lab Director 32000111 NC24
State Demographer 32002826 NC19
State Environmental Health Director 32000112 NC25
State Equipment Superintendent 32000851 NC22
State Forester 32000113 NC24
State Health Director 32001301 MH27
State HR Consultant I 32001151 NC15
State HR Consultant II 32001152 NC17
State HR Consultant III 32001153 NC20
State HR Division Director I 32001154 NC26
State HR Division Director II 32001155 NC27
State HRIS Analyst I 32003751 DT04
State HRIS Analyst II 32003752 DT05
State HRIS Analyst III 32003753 DT09
State HRIS Manager 32003755 DT11
State HRIS Supervisor 32003754 DT08
State HR Manager 32001156 NC23
State Lab & Pathology Services Director 32000683 MH22
State Museum Of History Assoc Dir 32000723 NC18
State Museum of History Director 32000724 NC21
State Parks Director 32002422 NC24
State Procurement Director 32002423 NC26
State Procurement Manager I 32002424 NC21
State Procurement Manager II 32002425 NC24
State Procurement Specialist I 32002501 NC12
State Procurement Specialist II 32002502 NC16
State Procurement Specialist III 32002503 NC18
State Veterinarian 32000684 MH24
Statistician I 32000913 NC18
Statistician II 32000914 NC19
Structural Pest Control Inspector 32000920 NC09
Structural Pest Control Inspector Supervisor 32002632 NC11
Substance Abuse Counselor 32000407 NC10
Substance Abuse Counselor, Clinical 32000408 NC12
Substance Abuse Program Coordinator 32000409 NC10
Substance Abuse Program Manager 32000410 NC18
Substance Abuse Supervisor, Clinical 32000411 NC18
Substance Abuse Worker 32000412 NC04
Superintendent Of State Parks 32000568 NC19
Symbol Board Technician 32000852 NC07
Systems Administrator I 31004076 DT08
Systems Administrator II 31004077 DT09
Systems Consultant 32000330 NC11